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Ningbo Actmix Rubber Chemicals Co.,Ltd. (Ningbo Actmix Polymer Co.,Ltd.)

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Polymer-bound pre-dispersed rubber chemicals

Polymer-bound Pre-dispersed Rubber Chemicals
Item CAS NO.
Rubber Accelerator
Actmix®CBS-80GE F140 95-33-0
Actmix®DCBS-80GE F140 4979-33-2
Actmix®DOTG-75GA F140 97-39-2
Actmix®DPG-80GE F140 102-06-7 
Actmix®DPTT-70GE F140 120-54-7
Actmix®DPTT-75GE F140 120-54-7
Actmix®ETU-75GE F140 96-45-7
Actmix®ETU-80GE F140 96-45-7
Actmix®MBT-80GE F140 149-30-4
Actmix®MBTS-75GE F140 120-78-5
Actmix®MBTS-80GE F140 120-78-5
Actmix®MBS-80GE F200 102-77-2
Actmix®OTOS-80GE F200 13752-51-7
Actmix®TBBS-75GE F200 95-31-8
Actmix®TBBS-80GE F200 95-31-8
Actmix®TBzTD-70GE F140 10591-85-2
Actmix®TDEC-50GE F140 20941-65-5
Actmix®TDEC-70GE F140 20941-65-5
Actmix®TDEC-75GE F140 20941-65-5
Actmix®TETD-75GE F200 97-77-8
Actmix®TMTD-80GE F140 137-26-8
Actmix®TMTM-80GE F500 97-74-5
Actmix®ZBEC-70GE F100 14726-36-4
Actmix®ZDBC-80GE F140 136-23-2
Actmix®ZDEC-75GE F140 14324-55-1
Actmix®ZDMC-75GE F140 137-30-4
Actmix®ZDMC-80GE F140 137-30-4
Actmix®ZMBT-80GE F200 155-04-4
Actmix®DETU-80GE F500 105-55-5
Vulcanizing Agent
Actmix®CLD-80GE F500 23847-08-7
Actmix®DTDM-80GE F200 103-34-4
Actmix®HMDC-70GA F200 143-06-6
Actmix®IS60-75GE F500 7704-34-9
Actmix®S-80GE F200 7704-34-9
Actmix®S-80GN F200 7704-34-9
Actmix® TCY-70GEO F140 638-16-4
Actmix® TM-70/AEMD 638-16-4
Actmix®HVA-2-75GE F140 3006-93-7
Rubber Antioxidant, Comprehensive Accelerators
Actmix®MBI-80GE F140 583-39-1 
Actmix®MMBI-70GE F200 53988-10-6 
Actmix®ZMMBI-70GE F200 61617-00-3
Actmix®NDBC-75GEO 13927-77-0 
Actmix®LHG-80GE F140 Comprehensive accelerator
Actmix®EG3M-75GE F140 Comprehensive accelerator
Actmix®EG3T-75GE F140 Comprehensive accelerator
Actmix®EG3A-75GE F140 Comprehensive accelerator
Zinc Dialkyldithiophate Salt, Scorching Retarders, Foaming Agent
Actmix®ADC-75P 123-77-3 
Actmix®ADC-75GE 123-77-3 
Actmix®OBSH-75P 80-51-3
Actmix®OBSH-75GE 80-51-3 
Actmix®Retarder E-80GE 2280-49-1
Actmix®CTP-80GE F500 17796-82-6 
Actmix®ZDT-50GE F500
Actmix®ZBOP-50GE F200
Actmix®TP-50GE F140
Actmix®ZBPD-50GE F140 6990-43-8
Actmix®ZDTP-50GE F500
Desiccant Agent, Activator, Adhesive Agent
Actmix®HEXA-80GE F500 100-97-0 
Actmix®HMMM-50GE F140 3089-11-0 
Actmix®Resorcinol-80GS 108-46-3 
Actmix®ZnO-80GE F140 1314-13-2 
 Actmix®ZnO-85GE F140 1314-13-2 
Actmix®Si69-50GE F200 40372-72-3 
Actmix®MgO-75GE F140 1309-48-4 
Actmix®TiO2-80GE F140 13463-67-7 
Actmix®CaO-80 F200 1305-78-8 
Pre-Dispersed Rubber Chemicals With SBR As Binder
Actmix®CBS-80GS  95-33-0
Actmix®CTP-80GS 17796-82-6 
Actmix®DPG-80GS 102-06-7 
Actmix®HEXA-80GS  100-97-0 
Actmix®S-80GS 7704-34-9 
Actmix®IS60-75GS 7704-34-9
Actmix®Resorcinol-80GS 108-46-3 
Actmix®TBBS-80GS 95-31-8
Actmix®ZnO-80GS 1314-13-2 
Pre-Dispersed Rubber Chemicals With NBR As Binder
Actmix®DPTT-75GN F140 120-54-7
Actmix®ETU-75GN F140 96-45-7
Actmix®S-80GN F200 7704-34-9
Actmix®TMTD-80GN F140 137-26-8
Actmix®TMTM-80GN F500 97-74-5
Actmix®ZDMC-80GN F140 137-30-4
Actmix®ZnO-80GN F140 1314-13-2 

Actmix®Polymer-bound Rubber Chemicals, high dispersibility in the polymer blends,
improve processing performance and mixing properties.

Product size: diameter about 6mm, length 3-8mm

Different active content, including 70%(Actmix®-70 series), 75%(Actmix®-75 series), 80%(Actmix®-80 series).

Different binder type, including Actmix®EPDM/EVM series, Actmix®SBR series, Actmix®NBR series etc.

Many of Actmix Polymer-bound Pre-dispersed Rubber Chemicals have passed SGS test: Rohs 6 items, PAHs,Phthalatest 6P, SVHC 73 substances of high concern etc can meet EU enviromental requirements.

Benefits of Actmix® Polymer-bound pre-dispersed rubber chemicals include:

Fast and high redispersibility in rubber compound

More accurate weighing & faster mixing

Greater stability of active chemicals due to encapsulation

Safety of operation - reduced leverls of hazards of skin irritants or inhalation

Conformity to EU legislation on handling chemicals

Polymer-bound Pre-dispersed Rubber Chemicals - We offer a wide variety of Rubber Masterbatch Chemicals to choose from,including granule form masterbatch.Click on to see the largest parts selection here!

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